Romantic Jamaica: Off the Beaten Path


Are you looking for an authentic, cultural, and romantic honeymoon or romantic getaway destination?  You will find all of that and more in Port Antonio, Jamaica.  I went to Jamaica for my honeymoon many years ago, and I fell in love.  I go back every chance I get, once you go you will know…

Look forward to warm hospitality, privacy and tranquility in this best kept secret. Unlike Montego Bay, Negril, and Ocho Rios, the less visited and much more remote Port Antonio is an elite retreat — long a favorite of visiting celebrities such as Bette Davis, Ginger Rogers, Harrison Ford, and Denzel Washington. Although much of Jamaica is overbuilt, Port Antonio lies in a relatively undeveloped area. As one local vendor put it, “Ocho Rios attracts the tourist; we attract the traveler.” You will find beautiful waterfalls, lush greenery, sparkling lagoons, and authentic Jamaican culture. Foodies will also appreciate Boston Beach, the home of Jamaica’s most famous dish: Jerk Chicken.

Jerk Chicken



Must See Attractions:

Frenchmen Beach Cove: What makes this beach so unique is the amazing river that meets the ocean – such a sight to see! The sand is soft and white and the water is crystal clear. You can choose to swim in the very calm river or the ocean. The ocean water can get wavy and rough at times so when you are done swimming, there are an abundance of chairs on the beach for rent.

Once you are done relaxing on the sandy beach, just a few steps away, you are able to rinse off in the pure river water. Don’t be surprised if you are swimming amongst tiny fish. Take this time to relax and enjoy being surrounded by the small and secluded jungle.


Frenchmen Cove


Boston Beach: The birthplace of jerk pork and chicken. Boston Beach – approximately 20 minutes east of Port Antonio in addition to being a spectacular cove is the area that gave us Jerk Pork. Many Jamaicans still believe that this is the only place to get authentic Jerk. Spend the morning in the sun, then visit one of the nearby jerk pits for your lunch.

Blue Lagoon: A day spent by the Blue Lagoon can see the hue change from turquoise to sapphire to deep blue. When you go swimming in the blue lagoon, you’ll be massaged by streams of warm water from the Caribbean Sea and refreshing jets of icy fresh water from the underground streams which feed the lagoon.

Blue Lagoon

The site was originally called The Blue Hole. However, following the success of the Brooke Shields film “The Blue Lagoon” which was filmed here, the site was re-named “The Blue Lagoon”. The Blue Lagoon has attracted many high profile visitors, including Robin Moore, who wrote the French Connection while living here.

Those are a few places you don’t want to miss,  you will find many more nooks and crannies to explore in beautiful and enchanting Port Antonio, Jamaica…


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